Council of Schizophrenics

Nothing to this i just think it would be amazing if we have a council of schizophrenics who can speak on schizophrenia and stigma and also we can vote on stuff lol. We will need a logo or some kind of family emblem. half joking, but it is an idea
We must have a minister of schizophrenic propaganda that would do nothing but post anti-stigma memes to facebook and social media sites.
We must have a robust Judicial Branch that would investigate or get resources for people who have been mistreated in psych wards.
We must have an official song too. Maybe a mascot.

  • Yes, We Need a Council of Schizoprenics
  • No, We Do Not Need a Council of Schizophrenics
  • We don’t Need a Council of Schizophrenics but We WANT a Council of Schizophrenics.

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what we need is more representation in congress…


I’m down for the revolution. I can make killer propaganda films. :wink:


Completely agree. Granted, in my country, our legislature is called Parliament instead of Congress.

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people see us so wrongly. maybe a campaign to inform the majority people about neurotransmitters and inbalace of them is all we have. maybe that could change the way we are perceived. show examples of other diseases like parkinson’s of neurotransmitter lack in the case, an imbalance nevertheless. that is all there is to it. maybe if people could understand this fully in great number then that might make a difference. cite examples like the song writter for the beach boys how beautiful work was constructed with his mind. that kind of repeated wide range campaigns could change people perspectives. i personally dont care what people think but at the same time dont intend to let them know i have sz ever.

HIV is fairly new and nearly curable now. I heard a commercial that if you take certain drugs you can’t even test positive for it anymore. Used to be a death sentence.

Schizophrenia has been around hundreds of years and our meds ain’t that good.

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