Could saw palmeto do this?

Lately I have been going through some really intense mood swings - getting really intense anger. I sit around and think of horrible things to say to people. For a while I was a little afraid people were somehow slipping me methamphetamine. That’s what my mood swings feel like - a meth induced rage. The only thing different I have been doing since I was stable on my med’s is taking the nutritional supplement “saw palmeto”, for my prostate. Does anyone know if saw palmeto could do this?

I thought it was the name of a racehorse.

I’ve never taken saw palmeto. Mood swings aren’t in its list of possible side effects. Still, St. John’s wort for some reason always used to make me break out in hives so maybe you are allergic to it? I wish I could be of more help.

I can’t find any reference to it causing this. Have you talked to your doctor recently about the mood swings?