Could drugs of benzodiazepine class be used daily in long term?

I suffer from really unbearable anxiety,I wonder if low doses of benzodiazepine can be used daily in a long term basis like 10-20 years provided that they are no signs of addiction or abuse?

I think tolerance could be an issue, other than that with no addiction or abuse I don’t see why not. Maybe it is physically unhealthy I don’t know, but it can’t be worse than the antipsychotics are.

Lol,antipsychotic is defitnetly worse than benzo,in physical harmless term because it’s much stronger

Hey @Mobc1990 I take a benzo (Klonopin) everyday as maintenance for my anxiety - before jumping straight to a benzo, I would try either Buspar (does not work all of the time) or gabapentin (Neurontin) these meds are not addictive - gabapentin is supposed to be a good anti anxiety drug -I have not ruled this medication completely out for me, it also has some antidepressant - feel good properties. I would avoid benzos for yourself right away, talk to your doctor and see what he thinks. good luck to you - If you use a benzo on a regular basis (everyday) you will grow a tolerance and physical addiction, but they do work well against anxiety and panic - I would talk to your doctor about other options as well - An SSRI is another option, but can sometimes be destabilizing if you have a bipolar flavor to your SZ - like myself

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LOL…I knew someone on them for 20 years…major withdrawals and that was with weaning off and cutting doses down slowly… Benzos are addictive, period… I highly doubt someone could get away with taking them for years without becoming addicted.

The problem with long term use, besides what everyone else said, is they can actually cause anxiety. They’re not good treatment for anxiety. A better option would be an SSRI. I’ve been on Lexapro for my anxiety and it has made a world of difference. I like it better then when I was on Klonopin for years. Klonopin also killed my motivation. My doctor said with it you could be sitting in the living room and see a fire in the kitchen and just be like that’s a pretty shade of orange. Another problem is finding a doctor that will prescribe it. I ran into problems with my last pdoc because I would use Klonopin for days I had ECT. She was super against prescribing it. Your best bet is to treat it with a non-benzo. :sunny:

I was on Klonopin for a few years, but the doctor took me off of it when I told him I gave a couple to this girl who was jonesing for heroin. He slowly weaned me off it, but it was kind of hard to come off Klonopin.

ive been wondering this myself to be honest would it be so bad to be addicted to a benzo aswell as being addicted to an antiphycotic im going to the doctor on Monday ill ask her and report back what she says.

iam so addicted to them it takes me 6 mg to comdown and thats klonpin

It sucks to hear that,I will be careful if I ever be prescribed