Cosmetics Thread

Feel free to post anything and everything about cosmetics here!

From your skincare routine, to your shower ritual, to your makeup go-to’s!

What products do you use? Which ones do you stay away from?

The aim of this thread is to include everyone as much as possible!


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For years I’d shun any product containing aluminium. I was completely obsessed with the prospect of suffering from aluminium poisoning. I don’t know how many hours of my life I spent with this fixation, but eventually I got over it.

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i really like cold pressed organic coconut oil for my hands and feet . so natural and saturated fatty acids my favourite for the hands and feet due to less rancidity, apparently


i do not wear pierced earrings cos i fear the metal going into my blood and the consequences :upside_down_face:

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They say the aluminum can lead to alzheimers disease so there’s that.

I was using organic deodorants for the longest time because of it.

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Yesssss coconut oil is amaaaazing for skin and hair!

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I’m old fashioned I guess because I use a lot of Estee Lauder.

I use their advanced night repair and color correcting serums.

I also use just straight up coconut oil as moisturizer.

For makeup, I go cheap.

Mostly drug store brands like Physicians Formula.

I get so bored with cosmetics so fast that it doesn’t make sense to invest.

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Charcoal scrub on my face, from Lush.

Rihanna’s fenty concealer occasionally when I’ve got poppies.

But my favorite is my chemical foot peel. I love having soft feet, they work well and it’s so fun to peel.

Just a few of my favorites


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