Coping with "motion capture" pressure responses


One problem I have is that I often “feel the sea” pressing against parts of my body from somewhere around the outside of my body. Often though what I feel is triggered by me seeing motion outside of my body. For example I could be watching a television and one of the actors could make a movement. Well my eyes seem to capture the movement and I actually feel pressure that matches the movement from the actor’s body. Like tracing movement with my eyes and actually feeling this pushing against my body.

I freak out because even though it is normally just from tv I feel like I am violating somebody elses space/body, with pressure that is violating my body.

Sometimes a similar process in my body will “freeze frame” a moment, and that could include somebody else body in the moment. I seriously deal with these freeze frame moments being “forcibly repeated” by voices all the time. It elicits fear from me most of the time and I don’t feel like I have any defense for it.


Sounds like maybe tactile hallucinations?