Coolest thing you have done/ will do soon

I thought this was a good idea for a thread.

What is something cool that you have done recently?

What is something cool you will do?


The coolest thing I have done recently has been taking my kids to the aquarium and zoo.

The coolest thing I am going to do is go to a Tool concert in a week.


I haven’t really done anything cool lately, honey, but that’s awesome, I love kid and parent time too.

Built a computer.


Applied for some short courses at my psychiaric hospital. They’re free… Might aswell… Not got much else ta do


I take that back, I gave my friend Tim on Facebook 20 dollars to make it to the end of the month.

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Jealous! I would give anything to go see a Tool concert. I heard they are great live as well.

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The coolest thing I ever did was buy a bunch of Bibles in mandarin and give them away to the Chinese restaurants in my area. Won’t elaborate.


Coolest thing I’ve done recently was build a 9th gen i5 PC.

Coolest thing I want to do is no-life web development, spend at least 7 hours a day on it.


Did you bought your swimming MP3 player?

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How is it going with web dev?

Coolest thing I’ve done recently is get a new flute!
Coolest thing I’m going to do is actually play that flute. :smile:


What kind of flute did you got . ? I was interested in that too… but there is nowhere I can learn to play it

I got a Pearl Dolce. There is a book called Essential Elements, and you can get one for almost any instrument. It shows fingerings and helps you learn to read music, too. You could do it at your own pace. For a beginner, I recommend a Gemeinhardt flute. You can get them at a really good price on ebay.

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I want Indian flute

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Whoa… that is some strong meditation music! Made me feel very calm! Here is a sample of the Pearl (hehehe- I love the cat in the background)


strange add. yeah. the flute. The cat wasn’t too loving.

Buy this really good 9x12 sketch marker paper, and two frames.

What I will do, go out to a seafood restaurant next week… I hope it’s not on my injection day. Gotta go around others schedule

you’ve never given me one Heart/Like

or ever responded to me. I need to see more.

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I gave $100.00 to UNHCR to help with a refugee crisis. As soon as I feel financially secure I will probably send more money. Right now my budget is kind of skimpy.