Cooking tips

What are your cooking tips? Here are two of mine

  1. When boiling eggs put your eggs into the pot of water. Then bring to a full boil. Cover your pot. Leave pot on the burner. When you reach a full boil you can turn the burner off. For hard boiled eggs leave the pot on the burner covered for 11 minutes. After that transfer to cold water to stop them from cooking further.
  2. Cardamom and cloves are strong :muscle: spices. A little goes a long way.

Chic pea pasta is really nice

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Wow. I’ve never heard of that. How do you make it? Do you have a recipe?

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I buy it in Sainsburys its the go-to grocery store in the UK.

I’m not sure if US grocery stores would sell it.


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Has anyone got a tip on how to crack an egg for fried egg and chips so the yolk doesn’t spread?

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Tap it lightly on side of pan. Mine sometimes spreads too.


Buy a dozen eggs and set some time aside to menthotically practice breaking eggs until you get it right. Even better, have your step-daughter show you once and for all how to make fried eggs while keeping the yolk intact.
Lol, I was going to say it’s redicuously easy to do but I still occasionally break a yolk when I crack an egg.

When I got promoted from dishwasher to cook at my very first job when I was 17, I had to learn how to break an egg using only one hand. When I fried eggs, I also had to learn how to flip eggs without a spatula, just flipping them in the air in the frying pan and having them land on the other side. I still do those things 40 years later. Practice makes perfect.

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