Cook extraordinaire

Last night I cooked up a big batch of Sweet & Sour chicken. It came out great. It was actually not that hard. My theory is that if you can read, then you can cook. Tomorrow, I will try my hand at Lasagna.


Good for you! I burn toast. My wife just learned how to cook lasagna from her mother. It seems easy. I would screw it up, but she makes it look easy. Do you have anybody you could share a meal with? Maybe your cute neighbor? :wink: That would be a cool way to break the ice.

Yeah, I wanted to be alone for awhile to ‘find myself’’. Now, I’m sick of it. My neighbor didn’t like me at first, but now when we pass each other in the hall we exchange ‘hellos’. That’s progress. You’re right, that would be a good way to get to know her better.

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You have inspired my brother to take a calm breath and give cooking an honest try. He’s getting better. When he does feel like something didn’t turn out, he’s not as hurt as he used to be.

My brother has gotten a lot of confidence when he tries to cook and it turns out well and also when it turns out to be easier then he thought.

He is getting to know a cute neighbor by plying her with muffins and cookies.


Ha. A good angle for him to get to know her. There’s nothing mysterious about making most dishes. The more James does it, the better he will get.

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I personally can never follow cook books. I need a person to show me step by step. I personally find cookbooks the hardest to follow.

I never follow cookbooks, I kind of go with the flow when cooking up something. I try to use common sense and a lot of experimentation, sometimes it works other times it does not :fork_and_knife:

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Some cookbooks are harder to understand than others. A lot of times if I 'm doing a search for a recipe I simply type in “EASY” sugar cookies, “EASY” Mexican food recipes, “EASY” baked chicken, etc…

I like recipes without too many instructions and timings . The simpler the better. Also that don’t have too many specialist ingredients you have to search around for and that cost the earth.

The library has cooking for kids books or cooking for teen’s books with lots of pictures.

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