Going to try my hand at cooking

Tonight I’m going to venture into the kitchen and relieve my wife of cooking duty. I’m going to make spaghetti with meat sauce. I haven’t cooked in years. Time to confront the negative symptoms. Since stopping meds, I’ve been throwing up and have no appetite, which is good - I need to lose weight!

Good luck on the cooking. I’m also just learning.

Hey, if you are throwing up… please stay hydrated. I was given Pedasure and electrolyte water to keep from dehydration and keep the electrolytes and potassium and all that in balance. Usually available at a market or drug store.

Take care of your self… Good luck on cutting meds as well.

I love cooking, i really do love cooking.

If i had a restaurant though i would have a thing, before people were sat for the evening i would make sure they knew it, only one customer would recieve a spicy surprise in their meal, habaneros should do it, if you eat at my restaurant you may have your plate dosed with habaneros without your knowledge.

It would only be one customer a night though and when it happened we would run out and take a picture of them as they desperately clinged to their drink.

But here is the nice thing, my food will be so amazing that people will risk it and after the fire dies down i think they will have enjoyed the experience as well.


Hey Alien, I like to cook once in a while, its kind of fun too create things this way. J makes a good point - keeping hydrated with electrolytes is a good idea, feel better

I made a great Mexican casserole about two weeks ago, from a recipe I download and printed. It turned out great and I ate off it for a week. My next goal is ‘sweet and sour chicken’. It doesn’t look that difficult.