Conversing with your voices

Does anyone else do this? I sometimes reply to my voices (in my head, not out loud) and end up having conversations with them. It only lasts for a few minutes though. Does anyone else do this?

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Yeah I talk with them all the time. Not the demons, I do my best to ignore them, but I talk to everyone else. Most of the time when I’m walking around if I’m not daydreaming I’m chatting with them.

I communicate a lot, but since it’s an internal voice I can do a lot of the communication in my head. I’m friends with one voice that shows up sometimes. The voice most heard is just an annoyance that I tell off over and over again.

@Anna @Orion11 I had an instance today where a voice was asking me what I would like to do for a living. And I said I don’t know and then it said something random like “be an engineer”. And I asked him why. I forget the rest after that

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“Be an engineer” is solid life advice, if your math skills are good enough. Those guys get paid loads! Mr. Star is an engineer :heart_eyes:


I don’t have voices, but I have alogia which makes speaking nearly impossible. I would find it hard to have a conversation with myself. Maybe I’m suffering from the absence of voices.

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@eduvigis but are you schizophrenic?

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Some schizophrenics don’t suffer from voices. I’m one of those.

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@eduvigis true. You’re lucky. They’re very distracting. Do you have any visual hallucinations?

I don’t have visual hallucinations either. My main symptoms are intrusive thoughts and paranoia. I suppose after a while off medications I might hear audio hallucinations. I had audio hallucinations of music playing in my head, but never voices.

I understand the intrusive thoughts. How can you describe yours? I wanna see if it’s similar to mine

Mostly, I’ll have a thought which I feel like I don’t want to have. These thoughts can be about myself or others in my surroundings. For me they are typically violent or sexual im nature.

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Sometimes I talk back to the voice in my head out loud but never in a public place. It is my belief that the voice in my head comes from a real human being talking to my brain (using equipment) and I must respond out loud for them to hear me back. That’s why I don’t have the conversation in my head.

I talk to my “voices” all the time. Except that they are not voices. They are God and Satan. I talk to God. I ignore Satan. Simple as that.

I used to have conversations all day in my head. Now I just have the one voice who is really incoherent and occasionally one who pipes in with just some random thought out of the blue. The rest of the time, there’s the music that I end up eventually just singing along to because I can’t get it out of my head! haha

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That’s what mine do to

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yes i have long conversations with voices… sometimes out loud, sometimes internally…

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Yep I do that a lot. Sometimes aloud in public :anguished: It’s made some memorable moments indeed :smile:

All my life, I didn’t have hallucinations either. My main symptoms were always extreme paranoia and depression. I didn’t even know what a hallucination was til I was in my late 30’s. I didn’t get my first auditory hallucinations til I was in my mid 40’s. I didn’t get my first visual hallucinations til I was in my mid 40’s either. One thing about schizophrenia, is that it is always changing, metamorphosing into different shapes and guises, until you never know what to expect.

the first year or so, when i was unwilling to take anywhere near enough medication to stay sane, that’s all i did. from morning till night. as time went on, it became less and less pleasant. part of it was that the delusion lost its cohesiveness, i think. but there was more to it than that.