Contentiousness for Contentiousness' Sake?

It’s a dynamic that pops up again and again on any Internet forum. This one is no exception, it appears.

I will suggest a reason (because it is a reason I have seen before a few hundred times): The ego that is damaged needs so badly to assert that it is not.

My own psychiatric problems were almost entirely wrapped up in compensatory ego defending until I began to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand what my ego was doing and why it was doing it.

I surely do not believe that this post will have any effect upon what others do, however. Because (right or wrong) I have learned to expect that most people whose egos were battered into resentful submission will defend their compensations forever.


I get it.

Just achieve and feel good, but still be self-deprecating and have a sense of humor.

I think I just described David Letterman, omg, he’s all over the news these days.

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But sometimes disagreeing is competitive too if you think I’m bad (which I’m not accusing you of) maybe I would mastered sales or business or won some kind of trophy. Sad though I can’t even be a trophy wife.

I’m sure you could be a trophy wife. you are a great person @Daze

Ha Michael is it my stupid pride that I’m still single at 45. ?

I didn’t get married until I was 45. It’s not too late !!

Not blaming you or anyone else here… or any sz pt… or any psychiatric pt, period. It is, after all, what the entire culture does. And that’s why I think people are normalized and habituated to it.

If I wanted to tear a culture apart over time, however, I would teach it how to deny reality so effectively that it could never deal with that reality effectively.

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& what is reality? Physicality?