Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones blames 'psychosis' for Sandy Hook claims

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Disgusting piece of trash.


@everhopeful Mr. Jones is a very horrible person. How can he say that? He never had psychosis. It’s just a way for him to excuse his awful behaviour and the nasty things he says. Not guilty by reason of insanity? No, he’s just BAD. What goes around, comes around, Mr. Jones.

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Even the rats won’t party with him.

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He was banned from YouTube and FaceBook. That’s pretty hard to do.


That’s a man who needs a steaming cup of S.T.F.U.


I wouldn’t call them psychotic

I’d call them Liars for the Public.


Alex Jones has always been a moron.

I dont think anyone takes him serious in life !!


He’s despicable, but I also pity him, he’s so full of this unbridled hate that he will make up whatever he wants to try to rile himself and others up.

It’s got to be a horrible way to live


My respect for him was already pretty low, and now it’s even lower


Other than David Icke (and possibly David Duke).


What Pixel???

David Icke has given me insight into our RH negative blood.

Hate 'em all if you want, but some things need to be exposed.

Utterly Disgusting!!! :face_vomiting:

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I used to watch David Icke in order to “learn about the battle.” My mom says he is schizophrenic.

I read one of David Icke’s books, “The Truth Will Set You Free”. It was hmmm…interesting. But, over the years his theories have become increasingly more bizarre. I’m not sure if he feels that he has to outdo himself with every book and tour, or if he has just become increasingly unhinged. No matter, he has books and tickets to sell and he needs as much publicity as possible, whether it’s good or bad publicity doesn’t really matter. The more controversial, the better.

The sad thing is, some of pronouncements make a lot of sense. But, they get lost in the swirl of madness. Maybe the Queen of England is a blood-sucking reptilian but do you have any proof? Nope? Oh dear. :roll_eyes:


I wonder if he gets a cult-like following

I have a cousin who watches info Wars in Spanish. I don’t know how to kindly tell him that’s sensationalized. I don’t want to hurt his feeling. I’ve seen some episodes with him and it was all a bunch of baloney.

Alex Jones was the host of Info Wars in the English language right? I’m not 100% sure. It’s horrible that he said the Sandy Hook shooting was fabricated news.

He definitely does, because in many people’s eyes he can do no wrong. He fills arenas throughout the world and his books sell by the truckload. There are many conspiracy theorists who believe every word that spews forth from his mouth. They’re not very objective. Nor, do they have much common sense. If they had actual PROOF, it might be interesting and could be taken seriously.

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I read all the evidence on that

or lack thereof of evidence

I accepted wholeheartedly that it didn’t happen.

It’s very convincing when you read it all.

Alex Jones report on Bohemian Club was interesting. Conspiracy theory fashion is a reaction against the monotony of mainstream media.