Consequences of NMDA receptor deficiency can be rescued in the adult brain -

Rescue of NMDARs in adult mice yields surprisingly robust improvements in cognitive functions, including those that are refractory to treatment with current medications. These results suggest that neurodevelopmental disorders arising from NMDAR deficiency can be effectively treated in adults.

They did this by gene editing with Cre recombinase


How much do negative symptoms contribute to cognitive symptoms?

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I don’t know if that question is known, but it might be a plausible assumption that if one didn’t suffer from amotivation, one might also be able to do things like excersize and do cognitive training that would improve cognition, even if negative and cognitive symptoms aren’t caused by the same networks/brain cells/whatever other dysfunctions.

If anyone is interested in NMDA receptor function in schizophrenia, this is a good paper, but I understood like maybe 15% of it.