Juvenile Treatment with a Novel mGluR2 Agonist/mGluR3 Antagonist Compound, LY395756, Reverses Learning Deficits and Cognitive Flexibility Impairments in Adults in A Neurodevelopmental Model of Schizophrenia


Lot about cognition. .we want something for negative symptoms …

We want treatment for cognitive symptoms, and negative as well.
But for functioning I think that cognition is very very important.

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I think negative’s paramount right…

both are important. Some suffer more cognitively and some from negative symptoms.
They are often talked about together.
Some include cognition in negative symptoms.
How is your cognition far_cry?

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My cognition is bad eraz…i cant study…

cognition is also important for work… cognition is very important for functioning.

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Yes eraz negatives make u dull and cognition will make u ass…

Sometimes cognitive symptoms can present as negative symptoms, for e.g. say you have a short attention span (cognitive sx) so you can’t get anything done. A doctor might clinically evaluate you as having avolition or amotivation (negative sx). One particularly interesting overlap which I suffer from personally is alogia (negative sx) vs verbal fluency deficit (cognitive sx). Which one is it? perhaps a combination of both. We may find that medicaments which treat cognitive symptoms wipe out negative sx along with cognitives in one fell swoop.

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i think they are related to each other so maybe they have the same cause.