Conquering psychosis

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No content yet. Will be interesting to see what they bring to the table.

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I often wonder if I had gotten help as a teen instead of hidding it…if I would be massively better off…that’s why I worry and am hopeful for the younger ones on here…I know the meds suck but learning to cope with side effects is easier than trying to pretend nothing is wrong…


Hi flameoftherhine, what symptoms did you hide when you were a teenager?

I knew I was having severe problems at a young age but could not clearly define them as hallucinations until i was 23. By then I was oscillating between believing they were real and hoping they would go away and the fear I’d end up in an asylum and hid my illness for almost a year before getting help. My predome phase was misdiagnosed as ADD and i was put on a medication that has a black box warning on it for people with schizophrenia which I was on when I got ill. Considering that it was the early 1990’s I think it was too early for the doctors to look for schizophrenia seriously even though I had a family history of the disease.

Hallucinations audible and visual delusions black outs where I would watch my self wonder around from 3rd person perspective with no control over my body…stuff like that…paranoia ect…

me too i would black out alot. my mum just thougt it was cos i had convulsive fits when i was a kid. but it was all the anxiety and all the hallucinations and voices i had in my head.

i still have a lot of it, but now the psychiatric nurse comes and does excercises with me and the meds are sorting most of it out xxxx




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