Confidence in work

I suffer from disorganized schizophrenia, I live in Greece where the economic situation is difficult and unemployment is high.

I managed to recover functionally over a period of ten years. I made new friends and create healthy relationships.

I work as an assistant in manual work full time. My boss does plumbing, metal structures, gutters, radiators, etc. The work requires endurance and is tiring some days and physically dangerous as we climb onto roofs.

Despite this, while I have more self-esteem, I have no self-confidence when it comes to work. There is intelligence, but in a work environment my thoughts are blocked and I do stupid things. Nothing serious, but it affects self-confidence where I feel insecure in trying a new job. I overanalyze and hesitate.
I don’t have qualifications and illness has a part on this.

How you overcome this? Is confidence unreachable? I find it too restrictive.


I was originally diagnosed with this, but the DX was changed to paranoid schizophrenia some years back as my level of function had improved. I have been working full-time for over two decades now. Confidence comes with time. It sounds like you are doing amazingly well and just not giving yourself the credit you deserve. To get to where you are now is about 75% of the battle already, so well done you!!!