Concerned by spiritual experiences when meditating and spiritual higher power difficulty 12 steps / meditation/ unusual beliefs etc

okay so this is bringing together an okay thing to talk about in the forum Higher Power and giving up drink etc etc and compulsive behaviour and religious beliefs which it’s not okay to talk about and unusual experiences which it’s okay to talk about so i’ll tread carefully

i had a couple of ‘religious’ and ‘supernatural’ experiences while meditating
my friends thought they sounded sane and quite usual for those who believe such things and they weren’t frightening to me at the time

what scared me was that it felt like a path i wasn’t ready for and have been in spiritual crisis ever since

but as a schizophrenic maybe someone can give me experience or advice or something or pm me?

i had a faith for a while which was really personal and quite deep within me…. but the scary thing was the intense similarity ( ish kind of thing )to schizophrenic experiences and this idea that once on a path it just keeps getting more and more extreme (when falling into psychosis which has happened to me so many times)

something in me screamed :stop_sign: stop!
and i’ve had a difficult time with my 12 step program since

if this is making sense to anyone? if you have been through this? please help

am i just making a drama? being lazy? there is a fear going on which feels a bit immobilising

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You are not being dramatic first of of all your thoughts are validated. I have thought God has talked to me and believed I could talk to him. Nobody can prove or disprove this as legit nobody has the real answer to spirituality!! Just try to not let it take over you. If you believe in God continue that if you want. Take it with a grain of salt and if you are doing the right things as your morals decide. in my experience religion can take over and make you delusional. Did i stop believing in God? no. Does that mean we are wrong in having mistake’s also no. Just keep pushing on. Do what feels right and don’t look back.


Don’t let religious standards control your whole life it is not productive, and no one knows the answer. Just live your life the best you can and ■■■■ everything else.


As far as religion and alcohol addiction I am Aswell in your shoes drinking too much and seeking help. Just don’t let the fact that you are struggling means that you are are doing wrong in God’s or anyone Elses eyes. We deserve to be forgiven so matter what religion or not.


Religion and sz aren’t opposed but there’s problems with delusions for sure which is why it’s not a topic we allow. There’s a big part of the community that has religious delusions or experiences that involve religion. Whether that is real or not is up to the individual but don’t let that stop you getting help when it comes to substance abuse for example. There’s people who use AA and swear by it and they aren’t religious just like there’s people who are the opposite.

It really is your journey. I have my opinions and I think things like meditation may lead to enlightenment type events but I look at it all as brain chemisty anyways.

I think this will become too wild a topic here and it’s hard not to take a personal opinion into it which is why I will shut. We can’t control that people may message you about it…

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