Company -yes or no?

I prefer my own company but need company sometimes. I don’t feel comfortable with people getting too close to me though.

  • I’m a social person
  • I’m a social person but need my own company sometimes
  • I prefer my own company but want company sometimes
  • I don’t need or want company

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I think I may be the only extrovert on the entire forums.


I prefer my own company but I need companionship sometimes esp at night.

i am introvert i sometimes need a some others company …!!! BAD social skill…!!!


The more isolated I am, or have been, the harder it is to be social.
If Im with someone, it’s sooo much easier to get outside and be social.

we won’t survive in society without depending on people.
so I can’t say that I don’t need or want company.

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I am glad that artificial intelligence is developed, it means we will have to rely less and less on humans,
I prefer to be a hermit since I am disabled( can’t earn money, cook, do chores for example) and I get the feeling
that nobody would want to help me, if it wasn’t for my parents I would have to go to a homeless shelter or something,
and thus I prefer to isolate myself from society since it’s not kind to my mind.


I’m a complete introvert but I don’t like being alone… it’s quite a difficult combination xD


I hate company, I would live alone in the desert, forest or in a cave.

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One on one company is ok, anymore and it’s a out of control crowd


Me too! Wasnt quite sure what to vote. I am introvert and shy around people, especially new people or groups of people, although I did learn to camouflage that a bit. But when I really know someone well, someone im comfortable with, I am much much much happier having them around than being on my own. I like to talk with them, laugh, do things together, play, cuddle…its just really hard to find people I feel genuinely comfortable with and I almost never really attach to people anymore.

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Am really bad at friendship maintaining but I like my family.


I call up my sister in California to have conversation, i need to talk once a day, but i am limited by alogia.

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I need to have close family members surrounding me in the background.
Because of on going Anxiety and Agoraphobia I don’t do so well living by myself.
I’m not a Hermit, I need some social interaction everyday.


My therapists thinks I should make friends with people. It will be a struggle, but I’ll try. I like having one person around mostly. Groups of people can make me feel paranoid if I’m under stress.

I like being around my parents. I tried living alone for about 6 months and it was scary. So i moved back with my parents. I feel lucky to still have my parents around. As far as group setting as in support group, I feel I always wanted to be liked but not everyone likes me though. What are the chances for everyone to like me. Statistically speaking. So i gave up on that thought a while back. It’s like putting out fires. Here and there. It gets old really quick. And tiresome. I like going to group to share in helping others and others share to help me at times too. So it’s satisfying to all party’s involved. There are good days and bad though. Well anyways. I like having time to myself too… walking outside is nice and refreshing having some quiet time to myself.

I use to be a lot more social before I was MI. Now I prefer the company of my kids first but, after that, I prefer my own company. Not only am I MI but I have a history of being abused so I prefer being alone.

I don’t need or want company.