Company good. Food ordinary

So had a friend come down from up the coast today and take me to lunch. Reckons he owed me a lunch but I’ll pay him back and it was more to break up his week. Anyways. Should have had the burger but for the second time this year I ordered the Nachos and was totally disappointed. Came out cold in parts and I just picked at the nicer stuff.

So. Company good. Food not so and next time I’ll do a burger which are always good there. Another positive in my continuing battle with my fitness was I didn’t have any beers. Just had a coke…probably ten times worse for you but still it’s a healthier approach to my diet.


Have you always been positive or did you figure it out? If so when and how did you figure out how to be positive?

I’m naturally a positive person and I tend to believe there’s always something you can do. I’m a lot better at maintaining a decent headspace these days on the pills which always helps. Mind you practice makes perfect. Routine is so good for the mentally ill.


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