Common to think one gets pregnant from eating

Mother’s careless statement - “Babies grow in their mother’s stomach.” I remember that statement as if it were yesterday. It was when I was two years old.


It is a common saying. Funny you mention it now though. My partner is telling me to feel his pregnant belly now! He’s just come back from a dinner with friends​:joy::joy::joy: Luckily we know better as we grow up.

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“Do not open if the Seal is broken”

But what if it’s a box of animal crackers? :wink:


Teenage girl to Mom: Do babies come out where guys put their thing?

Mom who knew she’d have to eventually have this conversation and relieved that it has happened: Yes, Dear.

Teenage girl: Oh. but wouldn’t that knock out all your teeth?


I look like Im pregnant from eating, but it is just a big belly.

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I just ate a triple burger, large chili, ghost pepper fries and a large frosty. My belly feels so full, I luckily walked it off with the dog around the nieghborhood.

I hope you don’t wake up with morning sickness. lol

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The only problem I had so far was from a pizza I ate 5 months ago.

Me and my mom both got food poisening from it about an hour after we ate it. I was nausous and quezy and barfed a bit. then felt better.