Believing babies grow in my stomach

'til I was afraid of a drink of water. Kids take people literally so when someone carelessly said babies grow in their mother’s stomach, I believed it. Lazily, I quit asking for drinks of water and got painfully dehydrated.

I absolutley adore babies - they make me smile. My CMHT knows im baby mad. Im a strange case where i get Broody for more children. I tend to fall in love with pregnant woman as well - just because i want to be a Daddy. :frowning: Which causes no end of problems.

Males shouldnt get Broody Right!?? - Well i do!!

I tried for years to train to be a Nursery Nurse - i have a background for caring for EMI patients which i did for many years.

But the Schizophrenia FCked me. And now im a sad mental git - wishing he had a family and a little dumpling to kiss goodnight in bed.


I know of other men who love babies. My father liked them better than my mother did.

The dinner table in my home was one of disinformation. Teachers in school had to correct us.

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