Coming off Anti-psychotics?

I would like to try and go off antipsychotics sometime in my life but I had a few questions…

Will I have a higher chance of experiencing a antipsychotic induced psychosis when I stop them if was on them for a long period of time (does the risk go up the longer you are on them?) I know you need to slowly come off them.

Il explain a little bit about my experience with antipsychotics and my psychosis I experienced…

I had my first psychosis episode over a year ago and I didn’t hear voices or had hallucinations I only had delusions and during this time I was smoking cannabis I then was hospitalized for 1-2months and was on 2mg risperidone and when taking it I wasn’t in psychosis mode anymore but I wasn’t taking my antipsychotic everyday I would spit them out whenever I could…

When I got back home from the hospital I wasn’t taking them and I was feeling fine and didn’t have any delusions but after smoking cannabis again a few days after I went into a psychosis again and had delusions and went back to the hospital where they gave me invega sustenna injections I then started feeling like myself again.

So what I am wondering is could this be a drug induced psychosis? I have been smoking cannabis since the age of 15 I am 24 now and was hospitalized at age 22-23.

the only way ur gonna know is if u stop both the anti psychotic and the cannabis and c what happens. i was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis and like a prat carried on smoking whilst taking anti psychotics. then just out of curiosity i stopped the cannabis but my “symptoms” didn’t go away. that’s how i knew it wasn’t drug induced psychosis and it’s the only way ur ever gonna know for sure. good luck xxx

THats what they told me too. They hear you smoke a little weed and experimented with drugs as a kid and immediately write it off as drug induced psychosis. My first psychiatrist told me thats what it was immediatly after i told her about my delusions and that i had done drugs before. Didnt even get a chance to tell her about the voices and visual hallucination and the mountain of other problems i was experiancing.

Stop doing drugs and see what happens.

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It’s amazing how well anit-psychotics can work when one is not smoking a drug that can trigger psychosis.

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