Coming off an antipsychotic is hard

I haven’t slept two nights in a row now. I’ve been harassed by demons. The night before last a demon came and got in my face or made noises every time I was about to fall asleep. Then last night I either had a flashback or an episode and demons were electrocuting me unless I allowed them to molest me. It was really, really awful. I was in large amounts of pain all over my body.

I am exhausted.

Do you have any PRN sleeping tablets to help you drift off for a night?

Or a small amount Benzos that would take the edge off things and let you relax for a afternoon?

Oh man Anna. I really hope things get better. Stay strong, mate. I am still on the ability and hope you find something that works for you.

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I have benzos but I’m already tolerant to the dose I’m at and don’t want to go higher

What about going all new age and doing guided relaxation and or meditation before you goto sleep?

I should really get back into that

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You were surviving on 5mg, are you still splitting the 10mg pills? Maybe you should continue to do that until your psychiatrist comes back from holiday.

No my symptoms weren’t being affected at 5 mg that’s why we went up :frowning: But yeah I’m splitting the pill until we can start something new.

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