Coming Clean to Work

I have decided now that I am going to tell work I have Schizophrenia, Autism and Anxiety Disorder.

Spoke with my brother in law, who works in a similar industry, and his advice was to just tell the truth

His view was if I am prepared to leave, I should at least give them a chance to keep me.

The law states here in England that they have to make reasonable adjustments like Flexible working, or reduced hours etc


Hope it goes well. Let us know how it goes


Hope it goes well. :+1:

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Thanks @LevelJ1 & @vyom

My brother in law says worst thing is I lose the job and go on benefits.

So it’s not the end of the world.

I have always decided I did not want to take advantage of the company I work for by forcing them to action, but the stakes are high, and I must give it a try


Are you telling them because you feel your performance is not going well or something? what is the reason?

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I have been there for three months, and I have been off sick for one month

My performance is not the issue, rather the length of time working, and the stresses that are being placed on me is unreasonable for someone with my mental fragility

Just avoided a massive relapse, and just recovering myself back up, but this time I need to have some sort of flexi arrangement to survive in the job and to be well


gotcha ok cool. If your doing fine with the work Im sure they can come to a flexible arrangement for you.


I hope so too.

The only thing is I will be putting myself out of the running for a new role/promotion, but I question whether I’d be able to cope with running a small department anyway - the most I have managed is 2, and this would be up to 10 people

As long as I can afford to live, I am happy with that situation


You know sometimes you just a need a job that works for you. Im doing a job where I won’t be moving up but it pays good enough and the stress is low. Thats more important than a promotion I think.



I have historically let work come first and health second, but this has to change

Can’t be a victim of stress and anxiety.

Also, with the promotion, as much as I’d like to lead strategy etc, it’s a lot of responsibility…

Need to accept my limitations, and work within them - rather than trying to push too hard and fast all the time and burning myself out :confused:


Giving everyone a reason to send you to the hospital, is not a reliable way to keep a job.

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@mister_lister - this is trying to keep me out of hospital…

There are protections for people like us here to keep employment

I do not want to go on benefits.

This time I need to speak up rather than letting it go too far and leaving altogether

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The key is having another job to go to, not keeping a shittee one, to avoid the hospital. Better yet, figure out a type of work you can do, without an employer, and acquire the skills to do it correctly.

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I am going to try and keep this one as it’s a good job, and I enjoy the work.

My problem is that I cannot work full time without making myself sick

Earlier in the year I was self employed, but I was unable to keep on top of quoting and ran out of work, which was stressful as well.

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Hey matey. Sounds like some good policy. I’m glad your taking stock and have some direction to go in. I think that helps a lot. I’m poor with future planning but it’s so important. Hope you get some good things in place moving forward.


Thanks @rogueone

Just need to give it a go, but with trying to minimise my chances of damaging my mental health

Eventually I will be just unable to cope at all

I have fallen and gotten up a lot of times in my life, and I can feel the recovery getting slower, and me being more sensitive to issues than before each time it happens.

It scares me. Bt I am not ready to completely give up yet


Life isn’t easy. No one ever tells you that and you get dxed and it’s just out with the wolves for most of us.

I think your on the right path. Your dog looks so cute and it’s so good for you to have a pet. I’m sure you can figure out something with work but ultimately it’s worth a shot. One foot in front of the other is the only way I know of doing things these days.


Isn’t that the truth!

I am just writing a list at the moment of stressors and triggers for me since starting.

The employment specialist will hopefully be able to use this


He’s doing great! After 2 days he’s day-time toilet trained. The nighttime he does go inside, but I read online that he’s still at an age where he can only hold for about 4 hours.

I am going to try tonight to leave the kitchen door open, and put the puppy pads in there and see if he will go where there is a hard floor


Congratulations on the decision to put health first. That makes sense. Enjoy the time with Mason in the meanwhile.

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