Comfort foods


Rice is good comfort food when I’m in a weird mood. Don’t know why it calms my mood.
Do you have any foods you reach for to get comfort?
Sweet? Salty? Creamy? Anything?



Popcorn. I made some tonight actually. It works good when I can’t stop reaching for food.

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Rice pudding, chocolate pudding, mint chocolate ice cream, red velvet cupcakes with french vanilla frosting, cheap shrimp ring with seafood sauce, minestrone soup. :ice_cream:

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Pepperidge Farm soft baked milk chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes I eat 3-4 in a day. Sometimes 1-2. I used to eat oatmeal raisin cookies, but then I switched.

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I don’t get much comfort food, but I love chocolate and I love cooking as comfort…going to make jambalaya tomorrow in my new stove/oven…now that’s comfort !

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A bowl of some sugary breakfast cereal. Or candy.

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i have lots and i can make cakes if i want or cookies but i have to be in the mood, tbh i dont eat much when i am down on myself, i kind of go off food but i dont starve myself, food doesnt mean alot to me, i have been having problems even going to get food for myself from the shop.

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Chicken breast and mashed potatoes and gravy is my favorite comfort food. Throw in some biscuits, and it’s heaven!



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Champurrado, Mole, Chalupas, I go for stuff my Grandma used to make when I’m really down.

I have to ask my sister to make it. American-Mexican food is different from Mexican- Mexican food.

But I’m going to learn how to cook and hopefully be able to get ahold of my gran’s recipe book. It’s on Dad’s bookshelf. He can cook like Gran as well.

But I also LOVE a good bowl of Miso or Wanton soup.

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I love Italian comfort foods - Pizza and Pasta



Pimento cheese and frito scoops. Unhealthy as can be but I find myself eating that rather often. My dad works as a food salesman so he brings home some killer pimento cheese. I sometimes eat half of the tub at once.

But im not fat so Im like “yay” and keep doing it.

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I had two tomato sandwiches on rye for lunch. A real treat on a snowy terrain.



That’s what Bill Maher likes to eat too, @chordy.



Lately it’s tomato soup and iced tea. I’m not allowed to eat carrot cake + milk.

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Nice hot bowl of soup.

And coffee, does coffee count?

Adventerous eating as well makes me feel good, trying new wierd things, or what i imagine to be wierd anyway, i keep trying to get my family to eat octopus but they just won’t do it.



Coffee most definitely counts, as one of my favorites too.
I have to say I like trying weird stuff too. Americans just arn’t that receptive to trying something new, and I believe the only people who don’t eat everything on an animal.
Asian and Mexican markets are my fave choice to shop, thankfully, we have several in my town.
Baby octopus with spicy sauce really is delicious, hopefully your family will give them a try.



My only real comfort food is coffee and sometimes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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