What is your most favorite comfort food?

My most favorite is my mom’s spaghetti and meat balls.

Fried chicken!!!

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Macaroni and cheese!


My mom does this delicious dish, spaghetti with chicken, it’s my comfort food.
My own is pork loin with roasted chestnuts.

bowl of cereal…

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Anything with cheese.

Enchiladas with good sauce.

Ice cream.


Anything cooked by mum. Especially her chicken curry or lamb roast.

Breakfast foods :slight_smile:

french toast, cereal

Sweet and Sour Shrimp, yummmmm …

Seafood pasta dishes

Bowl of cereal here too!

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Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Or cupcakes. When I’m stressed I usually make cupcakes of some sort.

Peanut butter crackers with lots of peanut butter.

pasta carbonara…

margherita pizza or lasagne or pasta