College an schizophrenia

Is anyone here in college or have a degree? I dropped out when I was 19 then went back to college after I went “crazy” a little over 2 years ago. It was soon after I got a DUI in 2017. Going back to college has been a struggle I get really paranoid and anxious. I have really ■■■■■■ up delusions about the FBI being after me and putting people in munch classes to keep tabs on me. I try to remind myself these are delusions but it keeps happening even when I’m on medication. I only have 8 classes left until I get my associates in psychology. After that I will transfer to a university and hopefully get my masters. I am on Wellbutrin for depression and adhd Lyrica for anxiety and Zyprexa for my delusions. The medications help but it’s really hard. I feel like no one understands and I isolate myself because I don’t know when I’m going to be psychotic. It’s hard to make plans when I don’t know if I’ll be same that day my friend wants to hang out next weekend and I haven’t seen him in awhile. I’m thinking about blowing him off because I don’t know how I’ll be feeling that day. Life is hard :frowning:


I have a four year degree in Psychology. I would say studying is easier than working so its good to go for that first. You gotta first focus on recovery though so your well enough to study.

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I took a lot of time to focus on my recovery for awhile I didn’t even leave my house and slowly made the transition by taking a couple classes at a time now I’m taking four. I’m trying really hard but I’m scared that it will get worse.

WHat does the doctor say about all of this, are the positives under control?

As a non-degree student trying to transfer to sociology.

You will be okay. Just in case if you have a psychotic episode, have an emergency number at hand. Make sure that you are safe and keep away from any pill bottles.

Try focusing on your feet while you walk and while you are sitting in class. At first It will be difficult, but it becomes easier to ignore voices, delusions, etc. It comes to a point where you almost stop suffering from the SZ/psychosis symptoms because you are too focused on your physical sensations (and one of the ways to maintain focused on your whole body is just focusing on your feet all day, then you start feeling every other part, just focus on your feet, and yo will start noticing the weight of every part of your body)

It is also important to focus on maintaining your body relaxed, without any kind of tension, you can do this even if your mind is not relaxed, and one thing will lead to another.

I visually hallucinated horrible things every day non stop for about 6 months, couldn’t look people in the eyes because I’d see disturbing stuff on their faces and when this happened I tend to have laughing fists and involuntary really exagerated grimaces, meds were not helping, and now I’m perfectly fine just following the method above. A shaman taught me to do that.

Psychiatrists don’t teach this sort of thing because they think you can only get better with medication, this knowledge (techniques such as the one I described) come from indigenous tribes, they have different methods for treating mental health problems.

P.S.: I’m not saying ‘‘don’t take your meds’’, I’m saying there are other methods when meds are not enough or when the side effects are too much to handle

School/College was always difficult for me. And post psychosis very hard. Ever since thinking I was the chosen one it’s made it impossible.

I love to learn but not really in graded setting.

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I’m a full time student. I fear having an episode but I just keep going and so far I have been successful. Of course I’ve had to take breaks for hospital trips but ultimately I just keep going back.

I got my associates five years ago right after I got out of the hospital. Right now I’m trying to get my Bachelor’s. I’m doing it online since I work. I just started my first class a few weeks ago. It may take a while to complete, because I can only take one class a time.

I have a bachelor degree in neuroscience based psychology. I worked as a group therapist for children until I went crazy.

I have an associates in accounting. Graduated when I was 20. Sza didn’t get bad until I was 23. I really can’t imagine going back to school. It would be tough.

I’m in school right now and working part time. What gets me is the lack of motivation. I have no passion for anything.

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