Cold sweats or hot sweats at night

I feel I can never get the temp right. Too cold. I sweat. Too hot I sweat. It’s always uncomfortable sleeping. Then I have to go to the bathroom but don’t wanna get up. Sleeping sucks come 5 am it sucks. It’s peaceful before that. But at 5 am it goes downhill.

Sometimes I wonder if meds cause it

I’m hoping my new abilify dose will help. But idk.


I had really bad night sweats when I was on effexor. It was gross

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It’s been like this for a while by the way. I can’t remember how long. Maybe it’s the meds

I just wish I could sleep peacefully throughout the night

Thanks @anon2818416

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I have rough mornings. I always think I’m living in hell when I’m waking up. Then I drink coffee and I’m fine, and forget about it.

I can’t sleep when it’s too hot or cold either, when it’s too hot I sweat and when it is too cold I shiver and in both cases I can’t fall to sleep. I find the perfect temperature for me is 20C

I’m up almost every night around 4am peeing, I hate it too.

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