Lol. I’ve been exchanging ideas about coincidences and strange things that happened because of voices on another thread for an hour or two now. I was checking out other threads in between and answered Pedro’s thread with a favorite song of mine.I picked U2’s “With or Without You” from YouTube. That was ten minutes ago. I have my radio on. Well three minutes ago a U2 song came on! They’re an old band. Pure coincidence.


I have a small piece of smooth metal with the word coincidence stamped into it that I carry around in my pocket. When I start thinking that I’m causing the weather, or that a song I hear more then once in a day on the radio is sending me a message… I pull that little piece out and an look at the word… Coincidence.

It’s all a coincidence.

That’s a very good coping mechanism James! I like that.

Yes. That’s clever…