Coincidences a part of your mental illness?

Were/are seeing “coincidences” as greater than they are part of your mental illness?

  • Yes
  • No

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I was talking to my friend and he keeps bringing up these coincidences in his life. Like he doesn’t say this is the case, but I think he was like trying to “explain” his mental illness to me. Like I used to link coincidences to being "God"or at first paid actors or robots or something, at least a lot of them. But it was a delusion to think it was aliens and robots. My pdoc says believing in God is not a delusion but maybe thinking an event that happened for “a reason” because of a higher being is a delusion. Who knows??? But I know I used to exaggerate coincidences. I think normies often times just chock them up as coincidences. But Was or is seeing coincidences a part of your mental illness? Interested in what percentage of us felt they saw too many coincidences.

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if you look for coincidence you will see it if you are mentally ill or healthy. Synchronicities happen all the time if you are paying attention.

When I made this thread the guy on the TV said “i don’t think its a coincidence that _______” and if I was really sick at the time I would be like “OMFG MORE PROOF IM JESUS”…now that I’m healthy its either god messing with me or just a coincidence. I’m leaning towards god messing with me

This is because we see what we want to see. The psychotic brain makes up patterns where there are none. Your brain “conveniently” deletes all the times that didn’t match up with the pattern to make it seem very real. Abgood way to disprove this is by journaling events, so like if you only see a certain time when you look at the clock, before thinking aliens are making you do it or something start taking mental or physical notes of every time you look at a clock and you will see you don’t see just that one time.

The natural way of human beings is to see patterns. It’s why gambling works so well! We look for patterns that often don’t exist but you combine that with symptoms of schizophrenia and your toast. Ideas of reference and paranoia can feed things so that to you they are very real.

I’m a serious ideas of reference and paranoia kinda guy. When I go symptomatic under stress they are the major signs for me…normals would call it synchronicity…but to me I’m not thinking right! Why’s I lead a very de stressed lifestyle!

Coincidences are a natural part of my life.
Sometimes they are funny, other times they piss folks off that are involved because they believe there is much more to the story than there really is,
me, I just go along with the story and roll my eyes later at the fuss.