Does anybody else have this same thought: When things happen at the same time, people are in on this event and you are the only one that can’t do the same thing. When you close a door and someone spits out there gum at the same time, they are doing it for a reason or they are trying to convey a message. Any one here think this?

I think it is their habit, and they are doing it spontaneously, for a reason they are not aware of.

I’ve had this, Kaleb, and there’s no reason behind those coincidences, really. Our minds like to give meaning to things, I think because it would make the world a nicer place, but it’s not reality.

I believe in serendipity if that is what you mean. Cool things happen every day in life, and often in unexpected ways.

Sometimes coincidences happen. Back in 2002 I had a dream in my sleep that my sz cousin would come and visit me and my father in the house where we lived and guess what … in the next day my cousin from Sweden was there visiting us … things happen …

then back in 2001 when I lived in my auto in America I made a comment that my father had long beard, I had not seen him in 10 years, and guess what again, … when I arrived at the house of my father on another side of the world, there was my father with his long beard … stuff happens and these can not be scientifically proven, just explained ,

I like your green hat in your avatar …

Those coincidences can be mean to our minds. I had them before I was medicated and also when I relapsed. I would get a common thought in my mind. …then almost everything I see or hear is coinciding with that thought. A few years ago my sister picked up a SD card and asked me what it was. I told her that it was a memory card for a camera or something. From then on I would link every thing to SD. I took my friend to hospital and the Sliding Door of the entrance start to malfunction. I imediately linked Sliding Door to SD.
Next thing a SUV stopped in the middle of the road and a passanger got out of the Side Door. Again I linked it to SD. I did it with hundreds of things and it stopped when I had my meds increased by my pdoc.

Another one I had was with PS. Everything rhymed and was coincidental with PS. Passenger Seat…Pie Slice…etc. Everytime I connected every thing with PS. My common word was Paranoid Schizophrenia. I thought the entire world knew I had Paranoid Schizophrenia and that they wanted to drive me crazy with all these PS coincidences so that I should commit suicide.

Can’t say I have had the coincidence thing but I did go through a period of time where I thought everything was about me. All the traffic around me, everyone at the store, the planes overhead, the full moon, the TV, the radio, all the magazines on the rack…
I still do think it, to some extent, because I have a delusion involving a grand scheme whereby I am being watched by the whole world and studied by a lab. Meds are helping a lot. I still have the delusion but I don’t feel like everything is about me anymore. Meds can help a lot with those types of delusions.