Cognitive training resource

Unfortunately, most of the ones tested on sz require your pdoc to subscribe to them.


Not avilable in nepal tho…!!!

in one hospital I did cognitive training on the computer!! that was 2010


cool !! thank you!


Some of the commercial ones, though not tested in sz, are available as a phone app or on a computer.

Next I see my doc, I will be asking if they offer any of these. If not, I think I might contact the company and ask them if they ever let people access it directly.

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Do u have cognitive symptoms too…

I’m on BrainHQ. You can get it on a trial basis, just play the free games, or pay by the month.

Not most of the time, but these are also for social cognition and I can’t “read” people to save my life, always been that way.

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My short term memory is bad …what should i do…

Do you have a smartphone or tablet or do you access the forum with a computer? If you have a phone or tablet, try the app store for your phone and see if anything is available. Many of the ones in the link are meant to be used on a pc, but the problem is they’re not set up for the public to use.

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