Has anyone tried Neurocognitive testing and what did it help with?

Im really looking forward to getting my results this friday, but I would like to know in advance what it helps with. I really want help with my motivation and would like my ability to think to come back.

I did neuropsych testing and it showed that my deficits weren’t consistent with my intelligence and education level, meaning my psychotic break and the aftermath affected my cognition. I had started a new job and to my surprise was really struggling. That’s why my therapist sent me for the testing.

Honestly they didn’t really have any suggestions for me. I was hoping for maybe some cognitive remediation, but they did not offer me any. The tester suggested I take amantadine, which is a non stimulant that some people take for adhd. Other than that, nothing.

I had a test, after my brain injury. It showed where my deficits were so my rehabilitation workers knew what to have me work on. I saw a speech therapist and a vestibular therapist.

It seems to me comprehensive neurocognitive testing is not par for the course for psychiatric patients . I think unless you are lucky, or have a very good and observant pdoc , you can have cognitive deficits that remain unrecognised.

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My former pdoc diagnosed me mildly cognitively impaired but refused to have my intelligence measured per my request. I don’t know why. And I can’t seem to get any other pdoc to give me the official test either. They all refer me back to the pdoc I have now who is equally uncooperative. The online IQ tests that I take measure me at between 79 and 107 points. So, I am either below normal or normal depending on who you believe.

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