Cognitive dysfunction and disability in people living with schizophrenia

Some of the cognitive losses could be due to boredom and lack of stimulation. I’ve been more socially isolated and bored since retiring from my job two years ago and am beginning to get some memory loss in the last few months, probably due to lack of cognitive challenges and stimulation. People living alone are at high risk of cognitive decline so I’ll go back to doing a bit of daily cognitive training using BrainHQ.

We tend to blame all our problems on Cruel Fate and Bad Luck but I don’t think this is always the right thing to be doing.

Well. Our brains are misfiring so it makes sense we have dysfunction. I also agree that doing less lowers cognitive function. Since I started driving delivery i feel better. My anxiety is lower and i feel a sense of reward. The brain needs stimulation. Not working and just sitting around all day melts the brain.

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I’ve been alone since 2005 ,when my wife died. The cognitive weaknesses I’ve got now are the ones I’ve had from as far back as I can remember.

EF- organising and planning
Digit symbol substitution
visual memory
Mental rotation

The cluster of negative symptoms when added to the adipogenic risk of antipsychotic, increase the rate of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease.

Early age of onset of illness interferes with the development of a person. It does not allow for adequate training in any vocation and leads to difficulty in interpersonal relationships thereby leading to difficulties in work and thereby disability.

Brain training is used in cognitive remediation but brain training is shown not to ne task transferable so it doesn’t work. Therefore providing yourself with a education is actually the best brain as learn things which context to everyday life and a tranferable cognitive skillset.

Brilliant, Coursera or even duolingo would do best for brain training

Working for at least a day a week or a couple of hours a week will vastly improve things

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