Cognifit initial cognitive assessment

Only thing in green-auditory perception. Particularly poor- shifting,planning,processing speed, non verbal memory, visual short term memory,divided attention,updating,hand-eye coordination, response time.

Overall areas that are poor- reasoning and coordination.

Cognifit initial assessment.pdf (83.3 KB)


After first training.

Will try it out tomorrow if I don’t forget :slight_smile:
》》keep training β˜†β˜…β˜†β˜… β—‡β—†β—‡β—† €○●○● !

I’m not expecting much. I think I must be perverse as my score often declines over time with these kind of things,rather than improves,

Problematic with firefox. Games tend to freeze browser.

Reasoning up. Attention slightly down.

I gotta try this! Ty.