Why drink it? Dont u other schizophrenic people get weird too? or feel paranoid? sorrta? i stopped drinking coffee and tea for like almost half a month now and i dont get adrenaline rush anymore. Maybe like 10% now compared to like a 60% i would say?


I wonder how I’d feel if I gave up coffee? :thinking:

I prefer tea to coffee…

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I’d have the biggest headache, and my blood pressure would jump so high the nurse one time thought her B/P machine was broke.

I like tea, would never give it up

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I need the coffee to stay awake. I couldn’t give it up.

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I now bought a large box of bottled tea from Costco and think it is a good investment. It is easy to grab and go and I’m awake all day.

I like the taste of coffee but its too much caffeine for me and coffee is acidic so its not great for the stomach. I like black tea, chai and hot chocolate a lot

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I’m a coffee addict. But, I only drink 100% decaf.

Coffee…such a sweet drug. I love coffee too much to quit. I quit once for 8 weeks being on some weird diet when I wasn’t on medication.

Now I can handle coffee like I used to, I love it for those moments. Bliss first thing in the morning.

In the words of the beastie boys…

Well it’s 50 cups of coffee and you know it’s on!


I mostly prefer coffee over tea… not sure if that was the question… but anyway :slight_smile:

Sometimes I get bored of coffee all the time and have a tea

Sometimes I kinda freak out and can’t decide what I want… coffee or tea… it becomes a question of life or death.

They’re both ok i think :slight_smile:

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I gave it up after last saturday morning… Still watching some of the withdrawal symptoms. Really weird dreams.

I think it’s a really great step for me though… it perpetuates a lot of spinning… and though I’m still spinning it’s a lot less frustrating.

The smokes are next to go… but frankly… I’m surprised by my inability to maintain lower levels of smoking because they are the only thing left.

I had to give up coffee, my body is rejecting it

i like both, though caffeine has like no effect on me so im drinking it purely for the flavor/experience

I’m very sensitive to caffeine. If I have too much, I start to get racing thoughts, rapid heartbeats, and sweaty palms.

I like to drink a little coffee in the morning, though, as it perks me up and helps me stay awake.

I just cannot start the day without a mug of tea

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I barely drink coffee and only if I’m really tired. I drink calming teas that have no caffeine.

Yes I love teas with no caffeine in like rooibos etc


Coffee makes me anxious. Green Tea is my go-to tea.

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