Coffee and creamer

I love love love my coffee.
When I went to Hawaii I visited the Kauai coffee company and taste tested a bunch indifferent varieties! Although I don’t remember the tastes much, I remember the banana nut grind stood out to me.
I also love name brand grinds like Duncan donuts dark.
My favorite creamer, for me, would have to be the Hershey chocolate or just basic vanilla is always nice. Mmmm.

How’s everyone’s morning? What are your Coffee and creamer preferences?I

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I like Peets coffee and half and half.

I love sugar free French vanilla creamer

I drink any and all kind of coffee, but prefer to make it with heavy cream.

Black, no sugar, and fair trade please

I prefer Dunkin, but it costs too much to have it daily. It’s a treat we get once in a while. But not from the shop, we buy ir ground and make our own. We usually buy whatever is on sale. i like a lot of creamer.

I like espresso blend from Mexico usually 2/3 a pot + caffeine pills does the morning get up for me :smiley:

I love black tea as well.

mmmm I want coffee right now but it’s 5:30 pm dang it, oh with hot chocolate yum and a little milk to cool it down, yum

I didn’t know that I have two coffee machines in the kitchen. Nobody used them, my father has even a third one. He told me it three years ago. Last week I pulled one out, cleaned it up and it was working. Now I’m having coffee most of the days with milk and erythritol as sugar replacement, if it the erythritol runs out I’m still having regular sugar.

Today I bought one organic coffee and one regular in the aldi. I like my coffee sweet and with a lot of milk. Today I had just one cup at 7pm. I hope that I fall asleep today :smiley:.

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