C'mon! Join the Club!


Haha ! Nice! Sz, welcome to the club!

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What’s the circle mean…are you going to climb through my TV and kill me in 3 days…


I posted mine on facebook with this message:

Happy world mental health day! I never do viral tags, but this one got me. Those of us who can share our stories are obligated to speak up for those who can’t. We are your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. We are not something to be feared, or spoken about in hushed tones. One day, I won’t be standing up saying this alone, because people will no longer be ashamed of simply having a disease. Schizophrenia has certainly added a lot of color to my life, but it does not define me. #iamwhole

I got exactly one like from my grandma. Stigma is alive and well, as much as I like to walk around pretending it doesn’t exist.


And Tinky too!!..My 17 year old cat!

Doesn’t she look thrilled?


And our Hamster, Mr. Whiskers and 2 guinea pigs…Jujube and Mocha!

(Okay. Can you tell I’m bored tonight?)


@Patrick omg Patrick you bored :joy:

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@Patrick you have nice pets

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WHy don’t you join THEIR club too?

Now if you just DON"T provoke the predator you should turn out okay…

I tink I saw a puddy cat.

That’s the cutest :blush:

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You obviously missed my face in post #1. Obviously I’m cuter than an adorable fuzzy wittle hamster and or Guinea pig with a circle on their paws d’awwwww so cute :smile: I kid. :blush:

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I guess I’m out of the loop as usual. I knew it was mental health day, but I only saw posts (elsewhere) about depression and anxiety, so I decided not to celebrate… Didn’t know about the O on the hand. I guess I could repost some info about sz on FB that got two likes last week. Missed out on all the fun.

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Just think if you had giant bulging eyes, whiskers and fur how cute… never mind. You’d have to be tiny too :wink:


We need more…!!!