Clubhouses offer HOPE: We need more of them!


I love the clubhouse model. I know it may not be for everyone and that some clubhouses though following the model differ greatly from others. I love my clubhouse though and am looking forward to my involvement in the start up of a new one in my hometown next month.

Having to sit in a room with people I don’t know and don’t want to know. My idea of hell.


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Some things I’ve been known to do while at clubhouse:

Give tours to prospective members, donors or other visitors.
Man the snack bar serving coffee.
Answer the phone.
Write the daily newsletter.
Data entry.
Facilitate meetings.
Attend board meetings as member representative.
Go to talk about our clubhouse at psychiatric units or centers.
Conduct interviews for prospective employees.
Fly to St. Louis to represent our clubhouse at the international conference.

If I’m not busy doing any of these things I’m generally chilling out back having a smoke and some conversation…and I’m not even a “people person” or someone who considers themselves particularly motivated.

And like I said I know clubhouse isn’t for everyone but I just don’t want anyone thinking “sitting in a room” when they think of clubhouse :wink:

In the distorted meaning, but still quoting Sartre: “Hell is other people.”

Apologies for being so negative. The problem is you’ve just defined the totality of the clubhouse experience (sitting in a room) in the region (Central Alberta, Canada) where I attended a couple. The facilitators were too helpful and it didn’t help that they kept encouraging me to be more like one of the regular members. The one who was so over medicated he was propped up in the corner in a puddle of his own drool, not moving.

I obviously didn’t keep going back.


Yeah that’s unfortunate. I know it depends on how long the clubhouse has been around, how much funding they receive and especially who their referral sources are. The clubhouse I’m a member of has about 180 members. There are all manner of people from different walks of life and differing levels of functioning. Most are those you would never assume had a mental illness.

I’ve been to and heard about some other clubhouses though where the members are all heavily medicated and spend the day sitting in a chair or shuffling up and down the halls. These clubhouses tended to be in economically depressed areas for some reason. I know very bright people from my clubhouse. I mean with 3 staff and 180 members we rely on us members to keep the place going and that’s how it is meant to be. People propped up drooling in chairs tends to keep those who clubhouse can help the most away.

Clubhouses and forts were fun as kids tho… I built a few back in the day and have even built forts as an adult…
But those who went there all knew each other, or needed permission, and some were not welcome, so they were exclusive…

Stuff like this

My sister is still trying to get the funding for their clubhouse in San Mateo.
I`m glad anyone is welcome-even someone drooling in the corner! At least this person can get company if nothing else. The only thing is: I wish they could get health professionals involve, people who deal with housing, etc…

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