Clozapine for Stopping Voices

I’m wanting to know if anyone in here can tell me about stories of where Clozapine has worked for stopping voices in their tracks. Perhaps you know someone who has used it effectively for voices, or you’ve used it yourself and it worked (at least at some point).

I’m aware of what’s out there on the internet about Clozapine and its effectiveness but what I’m looking for here is user stories or knowledge of other users where it has been effective for stopping voices. If you also know of cases where it has NOT worked, then I’d like to hear that too.

My son has been on Clozapine for a year now. He went completely off it once and has been back on since September after he had a break. From my point of view, it works. His voices didn’t go away immediately as it takes time to become stable after having a break. Currently he is med compliant and doing the best that he has in 3 years. About a month after being put back on the Clozapine his voices were down to background noise like a song playing but for him a good song. Now 4 months later I don’t think he has any positive symptoms at least not that I’m aware of. From his point of view he just stopped listening to them and blocked them out.

Hi barbie. Thats a great story and I am happy your son got some relief hearing voices. I am really bad with not giving drugs enough time to work so I plan on giving clozapine enough time when I try it possibly this week.

I wish you all the best and I hope that it works for you. It can be hard to self diagnose. If you were to ask my son than he says it doesn’t help him at all. I call this his ODD (Opposional Defiant Disorder) :wink: I have read that the full affect can take up to 8 months but I would think that after a month you should be able to see a difference. When getting your blood work done I have been told not to get it done first thing in the morning as you could get a low reading on your white blood cell count as you need to be up and moving around for a bit first. We did that once and it’s the only time that I’m aware of him having a lower count, still within normal range though. He also takes Lithium which helps to increase his white blood cells. 300 - 600 mg depending on his Clozapine dose. His count was low before he started Clozapine as he was inpatient at the time. Currently he is 350 mg Clozapine but he has maintained on 100 mg in the past as long as he stays away from too much marijuana.


Clozapine has worked well for me. It’s the best medicine I have been on and I have tried quite a few. There are side effects like the fact that you get tired and sleep alot, drewling in your sleep and waking up with a wet pillow and constipation ( my doctor says allmost everyone get that).

I still get voices, specially in the evenings. But that is nothing compared to what it would be like without the med.

I dont remember how long it took before it started working but you should definatly give it a try