Clozapine doesn't work

I know, it’s the last resort. It’s powerful.
But I still see people or shadows or black figures, I have voices, almost everyday.
Should I accept the fact that I will always be a bit crazy?

You gotta give clozapine time to build up in your system. The good thing about it is you can keep increasingthe dose till your symptoms subside.

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No, when I increased dose, I couldn’t speak

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I am on clozapine and still suffer voices and paranoia about once a week although it is getting to happen less often but I cannot except it my therapist says I will ALWAYS get it and it upset me that she said that I guess I have a lot trouble excepting it and I want to hope

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Glad to see you are back @Om_Sadasiva , though I wish you had better news, all I can say is hang in there.


You will always get it?

That’s what she told me

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@brandotron, I have visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory hallucinations. I smell rubbish everywhere I go. I see shadows and small insects, I also saw a man jogging. It was very realistic. I feel the touch of a demon on my back. You? Any symptoms?

Clozapine didn’t work for me either. You just have to be patient. Maybe you’ll get better in a couple of years. For me it is just important that I stay calm nomatter what is going on. Personally, I like doing breathing exercises. A couple of months ago I followed a workshop in the UK and it helps me.

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Hi johnathan, can you give me an example of the types of conversations you have with the voices? I’m not a researcher I just want to know so I can compare it to mine

How long have you been on clozapine @Om_Sadasiva?

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I talk about anything. There just people in my head. One is French speaking and supportive. She wants me to manage a healing business. The other voice speaks english and is more assertive and wants me to go into human resources for a big company. They provide me with their perspective on things.

Your lucky you have supportive voices. Mine are/were terroists. I’m intrigued at how they can provide there perspective on things mine did that a lot too. Yours are definently intelligent. I feel reassured knowing that I’m not alone

More than 2 months

Which med did you replace with clozapine?

We stopped haldol, and after my suggestion he prescribed clozapine. Now I take 3 main antipsychotics, and two others for agitation and anxiety

My symptoms are under control besides negatives and depression.

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Clozapine can sometimes take a very long time to take effect. I’ve heard of some people taking up to a year to find it working.