Clozapine discontinuation withdrawal symptoms in schizophrenia


From the article…

There is an emerging literature suggesting that discontinuing antipsychotics, in particular clozapine, can cause an array of withdrawal symptoms.

They need to hurry up with this research and find solutions. Once I lowered my olanzapine and then discontinued it I haven’t been able to sleep. There are thousands of people with the exact same problem all over different websites on the Internet. It’s brutal. I have to take 1.5mg of clonazepam just to sleep, so now I am a benzo junkie. If I ever am able to sleep without it I’ll have to deal with the withdrawals from that.

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This is an article @Aziz should read before making his final decision about Clozapine.


Knowing Aziz though, he probably already knows this from his own research.


Yea I already read about it.

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