Clozapine and swallowing


I’ve been on clozapine for about four weeks and have noticed difficulties in swallowing recently - can this be caused by clozapine? My mouth and throat are quite dry, although I drool a lot at night…



@PFL I think yes. Anti psychotics can cause muscle stiffness in facial muscles and like symptoms. And Clozapine is no exception. Immediately check with your Psychiatrist.



It can definitely be from Clozaril. It could be worse since it’s new. It can be related to extraparamytal symptoms so that’s something to watch for.


I’m on clozapine and I never had that problem. Only had it when I had some kind of infection like throat infection


@clinic Well, not every one gets the same side effect !!!


I have an appointment with the psychiatrist on Monday so will ask then…