Closest I ever had to a brother

Moms best friend for years, I consider her an aunt, her family and my family have always been close, she had a son 4 years older than me. We saw them a few times a week.

Grew up with this kid, never could of expected our lives to take different paths. We partied together a few times as we got older. He was my brother.

Went and finished law school, passed the BAR, realized he hated it, so he joined the marines. Heck of a switch.

He was spent a few years in the Middle East, boots on the ground style. Few explosions and close calls, few confirmed kills. After he got out he did private security intelligence.

Semi retired now, he recruits, but it’s not like he needs the money, has twin girls that are absolutely adorable, an ex wife who found a Jodi while he was gone. He even did a dna test.

Such different paths in life, but we click instantly again whenever we see each other, we both share happy memories of cartoons and video games, sleep overs and fun.

We’ve both come so far, I wish he didn’t live across the country. I love my extended family, been healthier for me than 3/4 of my bloodied family.




That’s cool. I had certain people who I grew up with who I got along great with but didn’t see that often but every time we saw each other we picked up right where we left off. My dad had a friend he knew from high school and when we moved up from L.A. to the Bay Area we stayed with my dads friends family while we looked for a place. They had a large family, six kids, and there was a kid my age. We played together and got in fights but we always had fun.

It’s great having someone like that. It’s too bad you guys are so far apart. He sounds worth making a flight to go see him. Maybe stay a couple of weeks and catch up and have some fun.

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My father had a best friend whom he was very close to.
He knew me as a baby and I called him ‘Uncle’.

He passed away years ago and loved him as if he were a blood relative.


You write heartfelt words. I would be your Brother mate. x

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I have a brother and I love him but we have little in common, our interests are different, and i get the impression he doesn’t really understand schizophrenia.

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I’m in the same boat. I love my brother, but we are absolute opposites. I always enjoy our chats, but we don’t really make an effort to stay in touch

Hell, I don’t understand schizophrenia LOL


That’s cool. I had a buddy who was like a brother to me. Seems like a lifetime ago. He wouldn’t even recognize me these days. What a slug I’ve turned into.

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