Clonazepam issues pr adiction or metabolism. Frustrated. Is this normal

I have never really ever struggled with addiction. I was prescribed clonazepam because I’ve been trying to stay out of the hospital. So I started on .25 a day and went up to 1 milligram a day eventually. It was relaxing made my muscles relaxed and kind of calm to my body. At two weeks 2 weeks the one milligram stopped working. Like doing nothing at all. It did give me some relief early on. So I will need more for it to work. I know it is only prescribed short-term usually and addictive but why would it stop working so quickly. Is that what an addiction is like? I asked for an increase by phone again but the answer was no and to discuss that next appointment. Is it normal for it to stop working after two weeks maybe less than that? I am still on it though and I’m assuming at my next appointment he will wean me off me off.

Oh and I am usually sensitive to meds but it took one milligram to even feel it really.

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Meds affect everyone differently but I don’'t think you should build tolerance that quickly. Maybe something has increased your anxiety level?

Nothing’s out of the ordinary in life. For the most part it’s all okay but I have been getting sicker lately so maybe that has something to do with its effect. Do you think?

Could be. I know my anxiety levels will go up and down for no apparent reason.

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Ok thanks that mist be why. I was just curious why. Nothing I can do. Ah well. Next appointment a while off. Thanks