@77nick77 just so you know I haven’t been on to respond to you. So, ■■■■ you back for being so gd inpatient. Hehe. I’ve had no problems with you in the past and don’t mind joking. However, some people take stuff to an inappropriate level, and sometimes, you do teeter on the line. I appreciate your explanaton. I’m apologize for my snapping. I don’t mind trash talking, but it has come with a price. I joke but some people take it to a very awkward, inappropriate level. I would pm you, but I feel uncomfortable doing that with anyone now. I’m not hating on you or the men in general. Just a lesson learned for me. So I hope you accept my apology, and I’m sorry this is such a late response. Edit I’m sorry you are having problems, but I am, too. You don’t know my “pain” either. This is a misunderstanding on both our parts. I don’t have a fairytale life if you think I do. Hopefully, we can sort this out and if I stay, we can exchange war stories because I’m not too surprised by much. I’m extending an olive branch, if you want it, it’s yours. If not, I won’t engage you again.


Ah WTH, sure, why not.


Cool, thanks :hugs:.


Did you recently, celebrate a sobriety bday? @77nick77


Yes, on January 1st I celebrated 29 years clean.


Oh, you did it on New Years! That’s one hell of a resolution. My blood chip is from 2006 :hugs:. I nearly had 2005, but I slipped up. I do appreciate the support you give people here that are struggling. I know it is inspiring. You aren’t all bad…hehe. Nah, grats and hope you had a nice celebration. I know people scan threads or auto post congrats. So, you know, I know how BIG of an accomplishment that is… I’m not trying to kiss ass but give you some respect after tearing you down. That achievement is huge :hugs:


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