Chore swap!

Hey, time for another of these. I need to go to town hall, the library, and the bank today but it’s cold and I don’t want to leave my blanket nest. Who else has to do things today? Let’s do them together and post our successes! I believe in us!


I met my nurse at her office in town! I got two buses to get there. Treated myself to a large mocha to celebrate


@anon94176359 this is monumental good news! I’m so proud of you for making it out! You enjoy the hell out of that mocha! Okay, you’ve inspired me. Getting out of the blanket nest now


I have to make lunch (ham and cheese pinwheels).

I have to do the dishes.

I have to finish the menu and grocery list for next week.

But, most importantly, before I do anything of that I need a nap.


Okay, I did it. @anon94176359 are you proud of me? It’s so cold my nose hairs froze and I got short of breath. I was miserable, but I did it! Now I’m snuggled back in the blanket nest and I don’t plan to emerge again until I have to pick up Starlet.


Well done ninja! You did great. Sorry it was cold - where is your fierce moustache when you need it!

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Got a bunch of errands to run with my GF. She’s still getting up, but we should leave soon enough.

Okay, I have to make myself look presentable, make a couple of returns at Ulta Beauty, and go grocery shopping. Then, when the kids come home, we all need to decorate the Christmas tree together. We are rather behind on that. :no_mouth:

I was wearing this hat, but it could only do so much


I’m stuck home all afternoon. The heater guys are coming to fix my wall heater some time before 1:00 pm then at 2:00 pm a guy from Comcast is coming to hook up my TV and swap modems and connect my printer.

My goal, if I elect to take it, is go to the Dollar Store for Christmas and Birthday greeting cards. Seriously, greeting cards today can run as high as $3.00-$5.00 in drugstores or other places but you can get nice ones at Dollar Tree for a buck.

Incidentally, spices and herbs for cooking are also a buck instead of paying $4.00-$5.00 at a grocery store and I can’t tell the difference taste-wise between store bought spices and herbs and Dollar Store spices.


Just spent a while sawing and drilling wood, and repairing a broken portion of fencing, from the recent storms.

Gonna try to do dishes and shower if I can motivate myself, I need to


I checked the oil in car, fighting voices, got dressed, talked to the neighbor, had lunch, and would have done more but somebody is home downstairs. Not my day to go out. Should i try walk? and sawing logs.

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Today I need to clean some more and make something to eat.
Tomorrow I will continue to do some cleaning and pick up groceries.

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I’m trying to make an important appointment but I seem to be on perma-hold and the office closes in ten minutes.

Dishes also need doing.

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Wasn’t able to get through to make the appointment, but that’s fine. I was out all day so it wasn’t a case of my usual procrastination (granted, I could have made the appointment while I was out, but paranoia of people overhearing was strong). I know what the first thing I do when I wake up tomorrow will be.

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