Child benefit approval hopefully soon

So in either January or February of this year both my parents applied for their social security retirement. And since I got on social security before the age of 22(I was 21), I qualify to receive benefits based on their income. So last week I got a letter stating that they started the fourth step of five on the 29th of may. This step takes 2-4 weeks then the final part is letting me know about their decision. I might know by the end of this month. This could increase my benefits a bit. I was worried I wouldn’t qualify for hud and would have to move out. I called the hud office and found out I won’t be above the limit so I won’t have to move. Pretty good news. I could be looking at an extra $450 a month. I’ll loose ebt and my rent will go up, but I’ll still come out ahead. I’m looking forward to their decision.


With $450 extra a month. You’ll be able to expand that watch collection.

I hope you can put it to good use.


Yeah a cool thing too is I’ll get backpay from when my parents applied to when I receive mine. I already have a watch picked out. It depends on how much I get but I’m pretty sure I’ll get enough.

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This benefit is why I’m still fighting social security. They approved me starting after I turned 22, but I applied for when I was 21. So I’m fighting their decision still. Good to know it’s worth the fight

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can u get DAC if u have worked before? i thought u can only get DAC if u have never worked but can then work after u get DAC. Did u work before the application?

I did. My lawyer said I should qualify

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