Charitable Giving During The Holiday Season


My dad went bezerk on me for putting $2.00 in the Salvation Army kettle. I feel bad but I am completely broke. Do you give to charities during the holiday season? :sunny:



i give money to buskers all the time, there is one guy he actually has an amazing voice and is very talented.
take care

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I paid for two homeless people to have a Christmas dinner at Crisis at Christmas. This year i have also donated to Mind/Rethink/Sane/MQ/Samaritans(mental health) Fareshare (food poverty and waste) Harp(local homeless charity)/Philippines appeal/Breakthrough cancer(Cancer) and Oxfam.

Most went to the homeless charity. I prefer donating to a homeless charity rather than people on the street as some will use the money for alcohol and drugs. Also there are the professional beggars who play at being homeless to make, in some instances, good money.

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When I was homeless, the Unitarian Food bank saved my life. They were so kind to me, and they had a volunteer coordinator who had a parent with SZ and was able to figure me out. I worked bagging groceries a few hours a week and stacking stuff. I got a bag of groceries for every so many hours I worked. No more dumpster diving for me. They got me hooked into a lot of resources that my family and I didn’t know the city offered. Plus, being indoors on some of those frost ridden mornings really saved my physical health.

I always give a card and a donation to that food bank. I do it year round. There are just as many hungry people in July as there are in December.

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I used to give money to “Spoon man” but after he was featured in a Soundgarden video and got some money to get off the streets, he started doing more gigs and now he’s a local cleb. Still a nice humble guy, will busk at the Ballard open market and give the money to charity. But he makes more money then I do. :wink:

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i’m going to give more, i dont think i give enough, so i want to give more, merry xmas :smile:

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dont… god could punish you if you gave…
sorry i tend too turn things arround.

yes i gave some money away yet too a good friend and he doenst have a lot
its all in the spirit of sharing is caring i suppose.

yet these days there are so many causes too give too, i find it difficult
too give it too the right places.

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