Anybody want a late Christmas present

I have some extra money and I’ve been reading on here that some people need it.

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why don’t you give it to a charity in your local area !
take care

Sorry if I offended anybody. I’m just lonely and thought I would do something nice.

its all good man! if you wanna give it away like that, i won’t say no.

nobody is offended!

Charity is a good idea. You could donate to the local food kitchen. I’ve been meaning to do something like we usually did, which was buy presents for kids at a church charity.

There is always a toy drive, food bank drive, recycle drive at the community center where my sis works. It’s easy to give if you’ve got to give in the first place.

Sock it away somewhere.Stash it somewhere. It’s a bad economy and money is scarce. Of course I would like some free money, who wouldn’t? I’ve never known any schizophrenic who is financially secure. How much money( or extra money) do you have? ANSWER AT YOUR OWN RISK.If you have thousands of dollars of extra money (but who has EXTRA money in our position?) I would say that yes, it would be nice to help someone out. I wouldn’t know the logistics of getting it to them. But yeah, I don’t want your money but I know $50.00 or a$100.00 would be a big help to someone on here. What you’re offering is a nice gesture. Just be careful. Things and people are not always as they seem.

I read that there are lonely people and they might find your gift pleasurable, why don’t you look for that person your self on this forum…chose the one you find suitable for a late Christmas present, I think people who really need it would find it hard to speak up.